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Naked Cake

Yields1 Serving


First of all, make sure to turn the cake out of the pan in one piece; with no holes around it. Keep in mind that it should not be cover with cream. There are many ways to make a naked cake: by putting chocolate or buttercream on top; or by simply spreading a thin coat of cream around it, which is called “Crum Coating” (to cover imperfections).

Secondly, keep in mind that the cream must have enough volume so that the cake layers are not that close together.

Fresh Flowers

Natural flowers, generally in pastel colors, are basically the only decoration of the cake and are closely linked to the scent and flavor of it. Roses, peonies, dahlias, hydrangeas, and lilies of the valley, among others, are part of the selection. You can choose from them, the ones that are more suitable for your wedding decoration. Rustic flowers, however, are the most frequently used when it comes to decorating the final product.

Seasonal Fruits

The fresh fruit, which gently dresses the naked cake, offers a new palatal experience as it combines scents and flavors in one. This contribution adds no artifice to the cake since it is placed directly on top of it; as whole fruit, giving the impression of being recently picked from the tree, or nicely chopped. The fresh fruit is distributed, regularly or irregularly, on each layer of the cake according to the creativity of the pastry chef. The result is a minimalist piece of art that fiddles around with the vanguard of the culinary and visual arts.

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